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UAVcast-Pro is an application which simplifies the proccess to communicate with your 

flight controller over mobile LTE or WiFi network. Make the ultimate BVLOS 4G LTE Raspberry Pi Drone. 

Everything can be configured from a responsive web application which can be accessed from any devices such as phone, tablet, desktop.

Flying LTE / 4G has never been easier.


Team up your drone or remote vehicle with LTE raspberry pi companion computer and get wide range of possibilities.
UAVcast-Pro provides you BVLOS (Beyond Line Of Sight) capabillities with live telemetry and HD video with less than 500ms delay.  

Bernt Christian Egeland


Multiple Languages

English - Turkish - Chinese - Polish - Russian - Chinese - Italian


Live Video Feed

UAVcast supports several cameras. Easy configuration.

Take Controll

Have full controll of you companion computer while your vehicle is on a mission.

Hilink or Stick modem

Use your modem of choice. Supported modems


Easy configuration and usage.

Price Plan

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Suitable for personal use
* 1 License
Application updates included
Mail / Discord support
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Private & Business
Suitable for personal and organization usage
* 2 Licenses
Application updates included
Mail / Discord support
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* Number of licenses determines number of activated hardware platforms. You can move license to another hardware anytime from the control panel inside the application.

What do you need

These items are neccessary to have a working LTE system. Check out our forum if you have any questions related to these items.

Ardupilot / px4

Any Mavlink based flight controller     (Ardupilot or Px4 ) such as Navio+, Navio2, Pixhawk, Cube, APM ect


HiLink and Stick modems are supported.
Supported modems.



raspberry pi

All models is supported,  Pi0w, 2, 3, 4



Micro usb cable

USB cable to connect Flight controller to Raspberry pi.

POwer supply

Extra power supply 5v 5A for raspberry pi is needed to feed the modem and camera.



With gamepad you can configure buttons to trigger various modes and functions.


Picam is a great lightweight camera and provides HD video 1080p

Hotspot modem

Create a wifi hotspot for your Ground control Station.

Virtual Joystick over LTE / 4G

QGroundControl allows you to control a vehicle with on-screen virtual thumbsticks. These are displayed as shown below in the flight view.


Most frequent questions and answers

UAVcast-Pro is currently supporting Mavlink based flight controllers, such as Ardupilot or Px4 and not DJI.
DJI may be supported in future releases.

Yes. As long as Raspberry PI can reach your Ground Control Station over TCP/IP, such as WiFi, ad-hoc, LTE ect, it will work.

No. You only need to follow the installation process (video) which is fairly simple. All other configuration can be done from the UAVcast-Pro web interface.

No. UAVcast-Pro proivdes a light-weight system which can be integrated in almost all RC models such as, Plane, Rovers, Multicopters.

UAVcast-Pro and secure VPN in 3min.

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