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$ 59
2 Yearly
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4 Licenses
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3 Yearly
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2 Licenses
$ 89
2 Yearly
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  • Remote Support

UAVcast-Pro is an application which simplifies the proccess to communicate with your 

flight controller over mobile LTE or WiFi network. Make the ultimate BVLOS 4G LTE Raspberry Pi Drone. 

Everything can be configured from a responsive web application which can be accessed from any devices such as phone, tablet, desktop.

Flying LTE / 4G has never been easier.

Multiple Languages

English - Turkish - Chinese - Polish - Russian - Chinese - Italian


Live Video Feed

UAVcast supports several cameras. Easy configuration.

Take Controll

Have full controll of you companion computer while your vehicle is on a mission.

Hilink or Stick modem

Use your modem of choice. Supported modems


Easy configuration and usage.

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